Our Molds

We have a few molds right now and are diligently working to create more. You will find our selection will provide you with the discs you need for your next round. 

We encourage you to give Full Turn Discs a try in your next round and we trust you will be happy.


Traveler is an over stable high speed fairway driver. It is designed for all arm speeds and skill levels with a reliable fade at the end of the flight. The Traveler is a must for windy days when a predictable flight is key.


Drifter is a straight to under stable, high speed fairway driver. It is a great choice for new players who might not have the arm speed of a seasoned player. The Drifter is good for when you need straight shot or a little bit of turn.



Passport is a straight to under stable, high speed putter. It is a great choice for new players who is looking for a good driving and approach putter. The Passport is also highly sought after as a putting putter due to its high glide and ability to grad the chains.



The Navigator is great midrange for all arm speeds. For slower armed players it will be a dependable over stable midrange, taking angles and headwinds very well, always fighting back. For faster arms it has a wonderful neutral flight path, holding any line you put on. You can trust it in the wind, and trust it not to completely turn over on a full power shot. This disc has great hand feel and releases cleanly.


The Cruise is the latest disc in the Full Turn collection and is the fastest disc in the lineup. This high speed driver is manageable for all skill levels and does not require massive arm speed. With amazing glide and dependable finishing fade, this disc will cruise past others in your bag. We challenge you to put the Cruise up against your other high speed drivers and compare the distance. Long steady flight with a gentle turn at the end provide for an incredible flight experience.